It is personal development that determines your level of impact in life. Self-development is very important if you must go forward in life. To develop means growing up gradually. It also means becoming larger, mature, advanced or organized.

1 Corinthians 13:11

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.(KJV)

You must move forward and be productive; you must not remain a baby Christian. You must develop yourself. It is through development that you can maximize the wisdom of God within you. You must grow spiritually and mentally.

Walking with God is what develops you spiritually; it is paying attention to the word of God. Walking with God is different from working for God. Your work for God must not take the place of your walk with Him. To develop spiritually you must develop in Word and Prayer. Do not be a senior religious activist, create time to study God’s word and to pray. Develop yourself spiritually.

To develop yourself mentally you must pursue knowledge by laying hold on relevant books, tapes and materials that build mental capacity. To develop your mind you must be a reader. It is not school that makes people, it is your personal development after school. Until you are a reader you can never be a leader. Every man of impact is a reader.

Here are some examples of people that developed themselves to make impact in life:

Benjamin Franklin had only two years of formal education. He stopped school at the age of ten, because there was no money for that. He taught himself how to read and write. This same man later invented the Franklin stone (the bi-focal lens) and lightning rod and also founded a university – The University of Pennsylvania, in America.

Richard Branson is another man who took time to develop his mind. The emperor of the Virgin Empire – a conglomerate. He started as a newspaper vendor, and developed a habit of reading. He read a little book titled “Small Is Beautiful,” and today has an airline, a soft drink industry, a music industry… One man! A school drop-out! But he developed himself.

There is no substitute for personal development. Don’t be deceived by paper qualifications. Personal development is the most effective program for any man that desires to make impact with a touch of excellence.

It’s time to invest your time and resources in personal training and development. If all that have been working for you is just what you learnt in school, you’ll soon be outdated. Develop yourself to the point that you become so creative that your products are unique, and cannot be found anywhere else. Greatness remains a dream until you develop yourself Stardom is impossible until you develop yourself.